Read about what others have experienced. All Reviews are from actual Clients:
Simply remarkable! Although this is a play on words because although he IS remarkable, his talents could never be considered simple. His gifts are many. He will build trust with you in minutes as he channels truths that only someone who is truly tapped in can do. Chuck is, without question, the most solidly, good man I have ever met. He has an uncanny ability to give you exactly what you need in each moment spent with him.
When I first met Chuck I was in a very dark place in my life. He has helped bring me out of the darkness and for that I am forever grateful. He makes you feel so at ease and therefore it is much easier for me to get things out. Chuck is one one of the most patient, caring and compassionate people that I know and I Thank God everyday that I have been given the chance to meet him. 
Chuck is a great teacher!!!! his vast years of experience makes him a great teaching master. I highly recommend him for your teacher.
I absolutely love my classes with Chuck, and we communicated over phone for a reading. these questions have been years overdue for some answers and it's a great relief to receive the answers. I feel better than I have in years. stop being skeptical and try it, Chuck will work with you honestly. 
Rev Murphy's gifting and knowledge is paralleled in scope by his ability to establish a relational experience with those who work/counsel with him. His communication is clear and "to the point" and conveyed in a way whereby trust and comfortable communication is easily established. Highly recommended!
____________________________________________________________________________ I'm piecing things together that have happened to me and Chuck is helping me put the puzzle together. I believe he knows what he is doing and would recommend anyone to visit with him. Thanks Chuck and God bless!
I am amazed at how Chuck zero's in on what is bothering you, and can put it all in perspective. He has changed my life on so many levels. I have been to other "Counselors" but none have made such a difference in my life. I look forward to our Sessions and look forward to becoming a student. You will not be disappointed.
I met Chuck during a very dark time and his insight and assistance has been so helpful. He is truly gifted, wise, and very caring. During just a short time of learning I have truly been enlightened and my whole life has changed. Spiritually I feel I have been awakened and have found my hope finding peace and being at one with God and the Universe. And I am truly grateful for being able to connect with my children whom I now know for sure are here in spirit. Grateful
Chuck is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and self actualized. His vast knowledge and wisdom regarding humanity and its treatment of others, helped me understand how to forgive, move on, and let go of the past. I am forever grateful to have the privilege and honor to learn from this great man. Fifteen years of therapy equals one session with Chuck.....He has taught me that I can survive with PTSD and still forgive, and be at peace. God bless Chuck, and his beautiful wife Sunnie.
When I came to Chuck I was in a very dark stuck place. I was a grieving mother, working long hours in a job I hated but didn’t feel I could possibly leave. I had been through a traumatic year and seemed to had lost all touch with my spiritual connection. Within just 3 sessions my life took a dramatic 180 turn. I now wake up every day with a renewed sense of purpose, something I haven’t felt in many years. Having made this much progress after just a few sessions I can’t wait to have a few more!
I have never been to a Spiritual Counselor before but WOW - what a difference it makes. Chuck has helped me on so many levels. The fact that he just "knows" what is going on in my Soul just blows me away. I would highly recommend a Session or two with him. Since seeing him my life has begun to turn around in the most Amazing way!
I've been searching for a mentor for a long time to help me grow and to understand my gifts. Chuck has only been helping me for a few weeks, and my life has already changed in significant ways. Through his teachings and guidance, I've felt more at peace with myself and more grounded to say the least. I'm looking forward to how I'll be at the end of the program! He definitely is meant to be a teacher and healer, and has made a serious impact on my life thus far. I would recommend him 1000xs over!
____________________________________________________________________________ I needed answers & guidance when I met Chuck at a Psychic Fair. I found out about his classes & signed up for the one on one Zero to Psychic class. I have learned a lot & received confirmation on so many things I was unsure of. Chuck is a great teacher & a great listener. I highly recommend his one on one classes for more time to learn about your talents. Thank you Chuck for helping me on my journey. God bless you always.
I'm glad to say that Chuck is one of the most gifted, informed, and down to earth teachers I have met on this insane planet we live on.. not only have I found answers to life long questions, but have found work to do that I hope to be satisfying for the rest of my life in service to others. He always finds time to answer all my questions..
Kind, caring, with no judgement when you go to Chuck. He truly listens. He has a way of putting you at ease, before you know the session is over and another weight is lifted.

My "Sessions" run between 60 and 90 minutes. I never know just how long "Spirit" will want to chat. A "Session" is $75.00 and we can meet in person, over the phone or via SKYPE. I Accept all Credit Cards and PayPal. After a "Reading or Counseling" Session you receive Unlimited Email Support. I offer convenient OnLine Booking. 

Spiritual Counselor

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Dream Interpretation

Paranormal Investigation

​ZERO To Psychic Mentor

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I can help you Connect with those who have Crossed . Together we can find Purpose in your Life's Direction. I have been working in Metaphysics for over 25 years and hold a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona. 

Psychic Reading SPECIAL



Dallas Psychic Fair
Sunday 12:00 to 6:00pm –

May 7th - 2017

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SoulTopia Soiree

Sun May 21st Noon to 6

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Psychic Night at

CELT's On The Square 

 McKinney TX
Thurs, Apr 13th 2017
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Spiritual Journeys Healing Gathering
at Miracles of Joy
Friday Evening, 7:30pm

Apr 28th , 2017

Miracles of JOY Psychic Fair
701 S. Old Orchard / Lewisville 
Sat  May 13th 

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​​Chuck Murphy

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Past Life Meditation

Detailed 2 Hour Guided Meditation and Interpretation  of Past Lives and Current Lessons

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ZERO To Psychic

ZERO To Psychic
2-Day Intensive Workshop OR 12-Hours of Private Lessons

It's the Class that everyone has been talking about - the Class that takes YOU from ZERO To Psychic !!! For over 13 years now area Students have DISCOVERED their Psychic and Spiritual Gifts, and more importantly, how to use and develop them. 

Over the course of 6 weeks you will watch as you and your fellow classmates expand and grow in ways you never dreamed possible. Many of our previous ZERO To Psychic Graduates are now practicing Readers in the area. Whether you want to Read at local Fairs and start a Private Practice or you just want to have fun at Parties, you will find what you are seeking. 

This Class teaches many different types of Reading Skills and Disciplines so you have the opportunity to see what areas interest you the most. Each student is Tested to determine your current Level of Openness and you will receive your own Personal Textbook to keep for future reference. 

Some of the many areas we will cover include Psychic Skills such as Mediumship, Intuitives, Dreams, Past Lives, Aura's, Psychometry, The 5 C's,  Dowsing, Pendulums, Ethics, How to Set Up your Business and More !!! Most Importantly and a ZERO To Psychic Exclusive, is that YOU, the Students do all of the Readings and Interpretations . You will begin learning by using your skills beginning the first Class. You can "Preview" the Text Book on Amazon by

ZERO To Psychic

2 Day Intensive

April 29th - 30th

Miracles of JOY - Lewisville

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Spiritualist / Healing Services ... 

We EACH represent a piece of Creation from an Infinitely Creative Mind. No matter how we have chosen to relate to Spirit or express relationship with GOD, we are all part of ONE Spiritual Family. There is NO Chosen, Special, More Blessed or Loved Race or Nation. Join me  at the FREEHealing Service held on the 4th Friday every month. For more information see our MeetUp Group Page by CLICKING HERE.

In addition I teach the ZERO To Psychic Basic and Mediumship Classes - CLICK HERE for more Information.

Rev. Chuck Murphy B.Msc I.M.M. CPA