​​Dr. Chuck Murphy Ph.D.

CROSSINGS Paranormal Research

While most Paranormal Groups seem to be more "Ghost Hunters" who are interested in producing Evidence of Paranormal Activity such as Orbs, EVP's, Mist or Ecto, CPR is dramatically different. 
We specialize in "Discovering" who or what (if anything) is in your space. Then if it cannot "Play Nice" or the owner wants it gone, our Team is well versed in "Crossing Over" Spiritual Energies as well as sending Negative Energies back to a place where they can no longer harm anyone.
We do use "some" of the standard equipment in CPR's Evaluation of the Phenomena, but we also rely heavily on the "Spiritual Gifts" of our Team Members. In total we have Spiritual Intuitives, Mediums, Channels, Native American Specialists, Shamans and Psychics. In addition we also have Tech Specialists that use EMF and Static Detection Gear, Digital Recorders, Electronic Voice Devices and Digital Cameras to Document the Investigation and "Cleansing".

To date, CPR has never Charged for our Services although we do accept Donations. We feel we are led by SPIRIT to those who are in most need. We are simply doing the Universe's Workof maintaining a healthy Balance between the Physical and the Spiritual. 

Our "Intake Manager" reviews all Case Submissions and we respond to all who send us a request. While we cannot personally visit each location we do offer Email Support and Help to everyone. CPR does physically respond to the most severe cases of Spiritual Imbalance. 

To make a Submission for Consideration please the RED BUtton to the right - >                                                

Or send a detailed Email to - chuck@chuckmurphy.me

Photos Below from various recent Cases